The first worldwide pregnancy passport.

Main Features

  • Evaluate your pregnancy risks across 6 common pathologies in minutes
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9 months of attention, care & prevention by your side



Personalised evaluation of possible risks linked to your pregnancy

From your antecedents, Efelya determines the risk level associated with your pregnancy on pathologies like diabetes and premature labor. 

Depending on the risks related to your pregnancy, and thanks to your pregnancy passport, Efelya determines the best personalised pregnancy monitoring required for you and your baby/babies.






Pregnancy passport

Fill in your pregnancy passport to receive notifications of any changing risk associated to your pregnancy.

Risk assessment helps define a tailored follow-up that evolves over the months thanks to your biological, clinical and scan data. 






Behind Efelya

Florine Duplessis

Founder and CEO


Florine has been a midwife and sonographer for over 16 years, specialising in the monitoring of pathological pregnancies and fetal medicine. Being a mother of three herself, she is passionate about obstetrics and is committed to improving the medical care and health of women and newborns. Florine's medical knowledge brings a wealth of experience and insight to Efelya.


Nicolas Gavard-Pivet

Co-founder and CPO


Engineer and philanthropist, Nicolas is in charge of research and development around everything related to medical data. 
This data is key in enabling women to obtain an accurate and reliable risk assessment as well as customised protocols based on their personal data. His experience brings clear and concise thinking. 


Nicolas Duplessis

Co-founder and COO


Nicolas' knowledge lies in IT management and operations. In addition to being passionate about technology, Nicolas shares Florine's passion for improving the medical accompaniment of pregnant women around the world. 
His knowledge and experience in IT management is key to developing the Efelya platform.






Because we care about women and babies lives. 

  • Create your own pregnancy passport and receive tailored  notifications if your pregnancy risks evolve
  • Access and share your pregnancy record with your practitioner
  • Help minimise the risks associated with the pregnancies of millions of women around the world using Efelya
  • Receive alerts for important appointments through your online calendar.
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